We have a Placement and Career Guidance Cell headed by senior faculty Prof. Shanta B. to render service to the students. Since, the constraints prevailing in owing to only under graduation programme being offered at this College.

The detail of placement activities is given below;
The objective of the Placement Cell is also on the professional development of the students by training them towards employability skills such as resume building, group discussion and interview skills which in turn helps the students to move into a desired occupation and/or apply in prestigious postgraduate and professionals schools.

    Members of the centre render guidance and suggestions to the students in formal and informal meetings.
    The centre organizes lectures on career opportunities.
    It invites companies for campus recruitment.
    Students are sent to off campus interviews.
    The centre motivates students to take civil service examinations.

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For more Information you are free to contact:
Prof. Shanta B.
Placement Training Officer
Cell No. : 9845712623

For details of placement click here